Wip Vernooij — Director, Story-artist

Director, Story-artist, Animator

Wip Vernooij

10 years experience in the UK creative industry with animation projects for Unit 9, BBC, Cartoon Network, Passion Pictures, HIT entertainment, Tandemfilms, Dr Panda, Mind Candy. 

Currently based in The Netherlands, Utrecht. 

Project highlights:

2018 - Episode Director, ‘Dr Panda, 3D tv-series (39 x 7min.), Dr.Panda / 9Story.

2017 - Story-artist, ‘Fox & Hare’, 2 episodes for 3D tv-series, Submarine

2016 - Series Director, ‘Welliewishers’, 2D tv-series (26 x 11min.), Mattel/ HIT Entertainment.

2016 - Story-artist, ‘Happos Family’, 3D series, Turner/Cartoon Network.

2015 - Animation Director & Storyboard artist, ‘Spotbots’, 3D series, Cbeebies.

2013 - Feature director, Moshi Monsters The Movie (81 min.), Mind Candy, Universal (international cinema release)

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