Wip Vernooij is a director, storyboard artist and animator. He has worked in the UK and Dutch creative industry on animation projects for BBC, CartoonNetwork, Unit 9, Passion Pictures, Mattel, Tandemfilms, Dr. Panda, Mind Candy. Currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Contact: +31 (0)63035 8801 | hello@wipvernooij.com

Past Projects:

‘Dr. Panda’, 3D tv-series season 2 in pre-production, 39 x 7 min.
Director/Storyboard Supervisor, Dr. Panda / Anikey Animation, Netherlands — 2019

‘Dr. Panda', 3D animated tv-series, 39 x 7 min.
Director, Dr. Panda / 9Story, Netherlands — 2017/2018

‘Fox & Hare’, 3D animated tv-series.
Storyboard artist, Submarine — 2018

‘Wellie Wishers’, pre-school 2D Toonboom tv-series 26 x 11 min.
Series Director, Submarine / Mattel, Netherlands – 2016/2017

‘Happos Family’, 3D animated shorts, 26 x 2 min.
Story-artist, Spider Eye / Turner, Cartoon Network, United Kingdom — 2016

‘Spotbots’, 3D animated series, 26 x 5 min.
Animation Director, Spider Eye / Cbeebies, United Kingdom — 2015

‘Thomas the Tank engine’, motion comic, 2D animated. 20 x 2 min.
Storyboard artist, Spider Eye / HIT Entertainment, United Kingdom — 2015

‘Moshi Monsters the Movie’, Feature Film (81 min.)
Director, Mindcandy / Universal Pictures, United Kingdom - 2012/2013
Mixed media and musical animation for a young audience, cinematic release in UK, Ireland, Australia and parts of Canada