Wip Vernooij Director / Storyboard Artist


I'm a multidisciplinary director for 3D & 2D animated productions, ranging from feature Film, tv-series and commercials. I've worked in the UK and Dutch creative industry as series & episodic director, animation director, animator, storyboard artist, illustrator and compositor. Some of the collaborations were with the BBC, CartoonNetwork, Submarine, Passion Pictures, Mattel, Spider-Eye , Tandemfilms, Dr. Panda, Mind Candy, bigchild Entertainment.

I'm always looking for new exciting projects, from early development to full fledged productions. Please get in touch!

Current Projects:

Miss Moxy — Feature film (85min.) (in production)
Co-Director, Phanta Animation, Bos Bros., Genre: family, roadmovie Release date: 2024

Past Projects:

‘Fox & Hare Save the Forest‘ — Feature film (in production)
Storyboard Artist, Submarine, 2022

Production in Development, under NDA  3D animated series, 
Animation Director / storyboard artist /editor, Submarine, 2022

’Dogdays’  Ultrakort 2D animation ( 2 min.)
Story Coach, Submarine, 2022

’Maari - Adventure on the reef ‘  3D animated series (20 x 6 min.)
Storyboard Artist, Bigchild Entertainment 2022

'Twee Kleine Kleutertjes: Een Dag om Nooit te Vergeten’ — 3D & 2D Animated feature film. (67 min.)
Director, Submarine Nuts&Bolts - 2020-22

’Dr.Panda’ — 3D tv-series season 2
Storyboard Supervisor, Dr. Panda / Anikey Animation, Netherlands , 2019/2020

’Dr.Panda’ 3D animated tv-series, 18 x 7 min.
Episodic Director, Dr. Panda / 9Story, 2017/2018

’The Wellie Wishers’ — Pre-school 2D Toonboom series 26 x 11 min. Series Director, Submarine / Mattel, 2017

’Happos Family’  3D shorts, 26 x 2 min.
Story-artist/revisionist, Spider Eye / Turner, Cartoon Network, United Kingdom, 2016

’Spotbots’  3D animated series, 26 x 5 min.
Animation Co-director, Spider Eye / Cbeebies, 2016

Thomas the Tank engine Motion comic, 2D animated. 20 x 2 min.
Storyboard artist, Spider Eye / HIT Entertainment, United Kingdom, 2015

’Moshi Monsters the Movie’ — 2D Animated Feature Film (81 min.)
Director, Mindcandy / Universal Pictures, United Kingdom, 2012/2013