Wip Vernooij Director / Storyboard Artist / Animator

This May (2022) the second feature film I directed will be released in the Dutch cinema's! A 3D animated story about two sibling toddlers and a talking baby-goat. Suitable for even the youngest audience. My 3 year old can confirm. But I also saw my 8 year old daughter crack a smile during the previews..

The story was inspired by an album of modern nursery rhymes, created by Dutch singer and artist Jan Smit. The production was a pure joy to work on, first and foremost because we had been spoiled by the boundless imagination of writer Marc Veerkamp who created a wonderfully witty and funny script. And we were very lucky to have many of the most creative and talented people in the Netherlands join us, who worked tirelessly and almost entirely remotely during the pandemic.