Wip Vernooij Director / Storyboard Artist

I directed this 81 min. animated film within a 12 month  script-to-screen production period, which was ultra quick and intense. The great people at Spider-Eye Studios in Cornwall went all the way with great result. An amazing list of talent was involved, I feel very lucky to have worked with nearly all of them directly.

'Moshi Monsters the Movie' was released nation-wide in UK cinemas and on selected Australian screens December 2013.

Direction: Wip Vernooij , Morgan Francis

Art Direction: Cako Facioli

Written by: Steve Cleverly , Jocelyn Stevenson

Music by: Sanj Sen

Produced by:

Jocelyn Stevenson,
Giles Healy,
Erica Darby (Spider-Eye Animation)

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